Energy becomes the currency of the present day. Due to this instead of traditional liquid gas, diesel or manually loaded solid fuel boilers, the boilers fired with pellets or other biofuel are used more often and othen. The main reasons for this change are convenience, benefit and the social responsibility for the environmental protection. Moreover, wood biomass is the most abundant, underused, the lowest cost renewable energy resource in our Planet.
JSC „Baltic Pellets“ was established in 2011 in Lithuania, near the town Anyksciai. Company manufactures high quality biofuel -  wood pellets, which satisfies all EU standards. Wood pellets are made of high quality sawdust and shavings of debarked hardwood.  The equipment used for pelleting satisfies all the EU requirements for safety and quality. For Your convenience our production is packed in the various size bags and there is no minimum order quantity. Company also sells all the equipment, which can be needed for the production of the wood pellets. JSC „Baltic Pellets“ is an official representative of MUYANG Group in Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.
JSC „Baltic Pellets“ goal is to supply the production which are only the high quality, environment-friendly and satisfies the highest standards and our client requirements.

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